Product Training

Below is a list of product guides to help you be successful with Linked Senior.

Training Resources


If you would like to schedule a training please contact your Resident Engagement Specialist or email us at Please include your name, email, phone number, and the product you would like training on. We also offer monthly training webinars, please enquire with your Resident Engagement Specialist.


Below you will find information on performing common Linked Senior workflows.

Device Registration

This guide explains how to register the Linked Senior application on your Windows or iPad device. It also explains why you would register a new device versus replacing an existing device.

Using Engage

Learn how to engage your residents with programs from Linked Senior.

Password Help

This guide walks through the reset password process and provides other password related instructions.

Virtual Group Setup with Zoom

This guide walks through broadcasting Linked Senior accross a virtual meeting service such as Zoom.

Request the PointClickCare API

This guide walks through the activation request process for customers who want to add the PointClickCare EHR integration.

Hardware Guide

View our recommendations when you are evaluating hardware for purchase. We included devices that other customers have found to be successful.

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