Below you will find out how to connect with Linked Senior support.

Contact Us

Technical Support

Linked Senior support partners with Integrated Health Systems for 24/7 support services. You can reach the support team via phone or email as follows.

You can also contact us via email for questions regarding content, training, and billing. Please remember to include the following information in your email to help expedite your request.

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Your phone number and the best time to reach you
  • The name of your community and corporate name if applicable.
  • Any details about your request (type of content, specific billing date, etc)

Content Requests

If you would like to request specific content please contact your Resident Engagement Specialist or email us at


If you would like more information about the Linked Senior service please contact your Resident Engagement Specialist or email us at

Billing Questions

If you have billing questions please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
  • What are the browser requirements for Linked Senior?
    To view Celo Context or your Celo Basic account information, you must use an approved browser supported by the platform. Our support policy is as follows:

    We support the current and previous 2 versions of the following browsers:
    • Chrome
    • Edge (Chromium-based)
    • Firefox

    We support the following versions of Safari:
    • The current version
    • the previous version of Safari for 6 months after the new version is released

  • How do I find important imformation that may impact my use of the Linked Senior platform?
    To view important information about Linked Senior click here.

  • How do I add the PointClickCare integration to my account?
    The first step to activate the PointClickCare integration is to go to the PointClickCare marketplace and request the Linked Senior application. Once you have done that, someone from Linked Senior will reach out to you. You can also email our sales team for more information.
Device Questions
  • How do you close the application?
    Alt+F4 or Alt+Tab to switch to another app. You can also configure the application to not run in Fullscreen Mode by going here, clicking on the Advanced Configuration tab, and then scrolling down to the Fullscreen Mode section.

  • My application is not showing the census?
    You must have our PointClickCare integration live and have both your device and user permissioned properly. Please contact your Resident Engagement Specialist if you have questions.

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