Hardware Guide

Linked Senior does not sell or support hardware but we understand purchasing the right hardware and IT solutions is essential to the optimal use of our service. Working with existing customers, we hav identified best practices to help hyou in the process

Things to consider

The first item to understand in regards to hardware is how Linked Senior will be used. Here are some questions you might want to answer before buying hardware. We have also added our thoughts on what your answers might affect your hardware decision.

Will you use Linked Senior for room visits or one on one (staff driven engagement)?

If you plan to use Linked Senior for room visits you will want a mobile device. Some users put devices on mobile furniture such as carts and roll them around but we recommend getting a tablet device.

Will you use Linked Senior for group activities (2 to 8 members)?

To use Linked Senior for group activities you can either consider a larger display screen (larger than 24”) or projecting a tablet (iPad or others) to a TV.

Will you use Linked Senior for large group activities (more than 8 members)?

Large screens are more successful for group activities. This can be done by buying a larger device, such as a smart board, or projecting your device such as a tablet (iPad or others) to a TV.

Will you allow residents to use Linked Senior without a staff member present?

If you want residents to use Linked Senior by themselves (which is highly recommended for self-directed opportunities) you will probably need a touch device in a common area. Most users use a kiosk (a larger touchscreen than a tablet) starting at 24”.

Will family use Linked Senior to engage family members?

If you intend to have family use Linked Senior you should think about how you will give them access. Either tablets or larger devices will work but you need to think about security and what other applications can be accessed on the device.

How strong is your Wi-Fi?

A good, strong connection is required wherever you will be providing Linked Senior access. If you want to use a tablet on the Wi-Fi and walk around you should be aware that you may have dead spots where you have a poor Wi-Fi connection. In some cases, you may want to consider hardwiring a device if it is not mobile.

How will you manage updates?

The Linked Senior windows applications will check for updates everytime you start them. If you are using an iPad you may want to have some tool or process to push out app updates. You will also need to consider updating iOS or Windows with security updates and any type or virus protection you decide to implement.

Please note that Linked Senior cannot support network, hardware or software issues that go beyond the Linked Senior application and setup process.

What should we buy?

iPad Devices


How to Project

Linked Senior will run on any iOS 12 and higher iPad. Most users find the larger iPads are easier for residents and staff to use.

Windows Devices


How to Project

Linked Senior will run on any Windows 10/11 device as a desktop application. Keep in mind that very inexpensive devices will not have the same performance as an expensive device with more memory and a better processor.


Currently we do not support Android. If you are interested in Linked Senior for Android, please let us know by contacting our support team.

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